Apply for LIC Insurance Agent

There are many people wondering here and there in search of a suitable job in India. Sometimes people fail to see an opportunity because of prejudices that restrict their vision to see anything other than that already set in their mind. Opening of an LIC Insurance Agent is one of such opportunities.

If you do not already know how to apply online for an LIC agent or how to be an LIC agent in your city or area, just keep reading. We are going to tell you everything about how to apply for an insurance agent or how to be an LIC agent but before that you should know what you can earn by becoming an insurance agent and whether you are eligible for the job.

So far as the income prospects are concerned, the company offers a good amount as fixed monthly emoluments to selected candidates and adds an attraction commission on for the business you do. Moreover this is a recurring income which credits to your account every time when a policyholder pays his/her periodical premium/s. Thus, if an insurance agent sells an insurance policy for the term of 20 years or so with monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly payment of premiums, a fix percentage of that premium keeps going in the account of the agent too. Now can you imagine what not an insurance agent can earn if she or he has sold hundreds of policies during his tenure? And what can be the monthly income of that insurance agent?

If it is strong enough a motivation for you to apply for LIC agent, let’s know about the qualification you should possess for becoming an LIC agent. Any individual above 18 years of age and with education upto 10th class can apply for an insurance agent.

Candidates willing to be a LIC agent can fill in the forms provided here and a senior Development Officer from LIC will contact you for further needful process.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent