How to Become LIC Agent

Life Insurance Corporation abbreviated as LIC of India is one of the oldest and largest insurance service provider companies in India. Insurance sector is said to be one of the most underserved industries in India and is expected to grow by more than 15% per annum. This entails good growth prospects for candidates willing to become an LIC Agent.

While it is not easy to find a suitable job in any of the industries today and the same stands true for many highly educated candidates too, there is one vacancy which is always open for new candidates and offers very promising growth prospects for those willing to work earnestly.

LIC offers very attractive emoluments and lucrative commission structure to the deserving candidates. There are many other performance based incentives for the promotion of candidates. If you do not already have an idea what LIC can offer you or what you can earn by becoming an LIC agent, you should read a little about the life of successful LIC agents in India and all your doubts will be cleared. You will definitely feel inspired by the achievements of those special personalities who were as ordinary as you when they had begun their life as an LIC agent. Top LIC agents in India earn in crores annually.

It goes to say that there is no limit for true workmanship. If you are wondering about the qualification and experience requirement to be eligible for the post of an LIC agent, don’t stress yourself. LIC believes in workmanship more than academic excellence and requires no higher education or prior work experience from the candidates. All you need to be eligible for the job of an LIC agent is a certificate of passing 10th from any recognized board and age of 18 or above.

If you possess the said qualifications, you can simply fill the application form provided here and one of the Development Officers from LIC will contact you for further needful. Yes! It’s as easy as that.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent