How to recruit insurance agents

Despite its huge growth, the insurance sector is reckoned among the most underserved industries in India and is expected to grow at a speed of 15% or more every year. Insurance companies mainly build on the performance of their agents. It’s the responsibilities of LIC Development Officers to recruit insurance agents in their team. The more agents you can appoint the greater your business goes. Therefore insurance agents are very much in demand these days.

While there is huge demand for candidates willing to work as insurance agents, it is not easy to find right candidates. It is not that the job of insurance agents is any lesser in terms of earning than any other job. It’s got more potential in fact. However, it is not an easy proportion to recruit new insurance agents.

While companies spend a huge amount on advertising vacancies on leading media platforms for the recruitment of insurance agents, there is always some gap between demand and supply and onus lies with the development officers to fill this gap by recruiting insurance agents on their own.

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Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent