City Career Agent

LIC, the biggest life insurance service provider in India, is always looking for new aspiring agents and offers different schemes to inspire them. One of similar schemes that LIC offers to recruit agents in urban areas is known as City Career Agent or CCA. You must not mistake to consider it another jigsaw to allure agents but it in fact is an attractive prospect for those who are serious about the work.

What LIC is promising under its new recruitment scheme called CCA in urban areas is monthly remuneration of Rs.7000/- per month. That too, over and above the commission you earn on sales of LIC policies and plans. This is a promising proposition for those planning to prepare for a rewarding but flexible career option. CCA by LIC is a boon for deserving candidates.

LIC is always known for the attractive commission structure that it has been offering to its agents since inception and many of its agents are living a very well-to-do lifestyle on the basis of commission they have earned (and still earning) on the LIC policies and plans sold by them in the past. However, this offer of fixed remuneration to LIC agents is an extra icing on the cake.

Qualification of a City Career Agent: The CCA benefits are available to LIC agents who have successfully completed one year of service as an agent and have earned commission of Rs.1200/- from any one of policies he/she has sold and maintains this continuously.

Choosing agency of LIC as a career option was never a repent. CCA has added another bounty to it. The aim of the performance promotional benefit is to encourage participants to achieve more for themselves and their family, that too by doing good to the society in the form of selling them life covers and saving for future.

If you are thinking of becoming an LIC agent, just fill the form given here. One of our LIC development officers will contact you soon.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent