Club Membership

LIC is among the largest insurance companies in India. Its success lies behind the hard work of its agents only. This is why LIC has always been adopting all possible means to facilitate and felicitate its agents for their performance. LIC keeps offering newer benefits to motivate its existing and aspiring agents. One of such promotional sprees is the LIC Club Membership program.

LIC has formed a hierarchy of clubs with different performance based qualifying parameters. LIC offers memberships of the same to its agents depending upon the level of their achievements. These benefits can be categorized as Fringe Benefits and Housing Loans, etc. Each club membership means a lot of newer benefits hence much coveted and strived for by the LIC agents.

LIC has opened six different clubs to offer memberships to its agents depending upon their performance. Given below is the type of club memberships available for LIC agents and the benefits which members are entitled for. The name of the six LIC clubs are:

  • Distinguished Club Membership.
  • Branch Manager Club Membership (B.M).
  • Divisional Manager Club Membership (D.M).
  • Zonal Manager Club Membership (Z.M).
  • Chairman Club Membership (C.M).
  • Corporate Club Membership.

Each of the above clubs offers a fix allowance under following Fringe Benefits. The amount grows with the level of club:

  • Office Allowance
  • Int. Free Vehicle Adv.
  • Telephone / Charges
  • Mode of Travelling (Convention)
  • Mode of Travelling (Training)
  • Out of Pocket Expenses (Convention)
  • Group Term Assurance (Up to 65 years)
  • Momento in Lieu of Group Insurance (above 65 years age)
  • MediClaim
  • Computer Advance
  • Computer Maintenance Allowance
  • Additional office Allowance (For less lapsation)
  • Int. Free advance for purchase of office equipment
  • Festival Advance
  • Sales promotional gift items
  • Certificate
  • Badge (on entry only)  Red          Blue       Green –
  • Letterheads / Envelopes (Number)
  • Visiting Cards (Number)
  • Diaries and Calendars
  • Yogakshema (House Magazine)
  • Daily Allowance (A/B/C City on Tour)
  • Graded Benefits for High performers
  • Office Allowance to prospective club members

Besides, LIC also offers housing loan at reduced interest rates as another crucial benefit under the

Housing Loan to Agents

Life of a successful LIC agent becomes a fulfilling one in all respects. If you want to become an LIC agent, just fill the form given here and one of the authorised LIC Development Officers will contact you soon.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent