Lead Generation for LIC Development Officers

Becoming an LIC Development Officer is not an easy aspect of course. It needs a lot of dedication and commitment to achieve more and more business. It is the responsibility of the Development Officers to recruit new LIC agents and guide them through the process, motivate them to acquire more and more proposers and grow together. However, the difficult part of the deal is acquiring new and genuine candidates willing to become LIC advisors. What makes it difficult is finding people who are committed to the task and do their best in acquiring new business and become an asset the firm.

Acquiring new and genuine aspiring LIC agents from their own region or territory is quite a challenge.

BecomeLICAdvisor.com is meant to serve the LIC Development Officers with genuine and original leads of the persons willing to become LIC agents. We have been attracting individuals from all parts of the country willing to join the force of LIC advisors in India but do not know where to go, whom to contact, how to do it. Therefore, these individuals come to us with their inquiries and request to link them with an able LIC Development Officer for further needful.

We first verify these links ourselves then pass it to the development officers who have subscribed for the services. We share contact details of the applicants with our member officers as per the location defined and package chosen by them.

Location Criteria: LIC Development officers who subscribe to our program can choose their own orbit of operation and buy leads from their defined radius only. This improves chances of conversion and value of money invested. For the ease of selection, we have divided the entire country in four divisions namely Tier 1 cities (with population abvoe 20 Lakh), Tier 2 cities (with population above 10 Lakh to 20 Lakh), Tier 3 cities (with population between 5 Lakh to 10 Lakh) and Tier 4 cities (with population upto 5 Lakh). Development officers can further refine their area of operation by opting to buy leads within a fixed radius only viz. 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km within their area of operation. This all goes to render the full value of money you invest and allow you an easy access to the potential candidates.

To join our lead generation program or to know more about our program, please call us at +91-9044336644

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent