LIC recruitment in Allahabad

The world is turning into a global village. Technology has made it virtual and shrunk it into a mobile handset. Every information is available at your fingertip. However people who are not adept in technology may feel lagged behind. The growth of technology has opened many new avenues of job resources. Now it is easy to learn about the job opportunities and apply for them without any trouble. Even you can learn about local job opportunities online and apply with a click. One such opportunity this time is the recruitment of LIC agents in Allahabad, now known as Prayagraj. The company is hiring candidates from Allahabad and nearby cities such as Tundla, Shikohabad, Jalesar, Narora and Agra. If you are living in any of these cities, you can apply for the post online.

Often people keep thinking of a good job and miss the opportunities lying nearby in their pursuit of an excellent job. Many people spend huge time in searching and applying for multiple jobs before being able to earn one and, often, have to depart from their friends and family in the name of this modality.

Every job has its own pros and cons. Sometimes you spend a lot of time and effort chasing a dream job and realize it is not to be really the one which you had imagined it to be and want to get rid of it as soon as you could. While there are some jobs which you had not valued worth a damn in life but realize their true value only after looking at the fortune others have made in it.

We are going to tell you everything about the LIC recruitment 2020, 2021, how to apply for the job, how to do registration, what is the process to apply online, what is the salary offered by the company, how many vacancies are there for the post of an agent or an advisor, requirements, benefits, work, career prospects, qualification, eligibility, and anything you may want to know about the job being offered by the company.

Let’s discuss the qualification and eligibility that the job of an LIC requires from an applicant. It’s nothing to fear about. LIC doesn’t limit availability of this job opportunity by raising unnecessary essentials. Anyone who has passed the 10th class and is above 18 years of age can become an LIC agent. If you are the one, you can apply online for the post of LIC agent in your own city.

Everyone including unemployed, a fresher, Self-employed, College students, House wives, Tax Practitioner, Sales/Marketing Professionals, Brokers, Teachers, Bankers/Loan Providers, Accountants/Chartered Accountants, Consultants, Businessmen, a retired person is an eligible candidate for the post. Even those engaged in any other full-time or part-time job and want to join LIC as your other or secondary income resource, you can apply for the job.

Insurance sector is said to be among the most underserved in India hence has huge growth potential for the industry and, of course, for the individuals associated with it. Insurance has been declared to be a ‘subject matter of solicitation’ by the government and business is growing everyday with the growing awareness among individuals. Even the government is spending huge money on explaining to people about the benefits and necessity of buying an insurance policy and encouraging them to do so.

The benefits that an LIC agent is entitled to receive include rewarding career, supportive team, attractive emoluments, independent working, excellent training, infrastructure support, low-cost loans, club memberships, reimbursement of office expenses and more.

The promising thing about the job in this industry is the estimated rate of growth i.e. 15% per annum. This is counted as a less developed one in India expected to grow manifold in near future which translates into benefits for all associated with it. Click here to apply online for the job of an LIC agent in Allahabad/Prayagraj and nearby cities such as Tundla, Shikohabad, Jalesar, Narora and Agra.

Most of the population of India resides in villages where insurance is still among the most underserved sectors. LI C tops the list of insurance service providers with a wide coverage in rural India. However the company sees huge scope of growth in the country hence has initiated a drive for recruitment of LIC agents. Individuals can decide their own work area and work as an LIC agent there.

Become an LIC agent in India. We are sharing stories of many successful LIC agents here. Write your own success story. Click here to apply.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent