Recruitment of LIC Agents in Alwar

Nestled at an equal distance of 150 kilometers from both Delhi and Jaipur, Alawar is known for historical palaces, forts, heritage buildings and natural attractions. Alwar is well connected by way of both roads and rails with all other parts of the country. LIC, one of the leading insurance companies in India, is recruiting LIC agents in Alwar and nearby locations such as Kishangarh, Mandawar, Rajgarh, Govindgarh, Kot Putli, Firozpur Jhirka, Baswa etc.

If you or anyone you know is in search of a good job, just have a look at what LIC has got to offer before you make a decision. Chances are you would rather become an LIC agent in Alwar. By becoming an LIC agent, you do not have to migrate to other cities or states for livelihood. You can stay close to your friends and family members and start earning a good income without investing anything but earnest efforts.


Insurance industry has been proliferating well in India and is expected to remain so in time to come as it still is among the least served sectors in the country. LIC has earned a very good reputation in the entire India and is considered as a synonym to insurance by many. This success of the company rests upon the hard work its agents do in the fields. Insurance agents are the backbone of any insurance company and LIC has got the strongest and the most spread network of agents in the country; not only in urban areas but also in rural areas of the country. Still LIC has regularly been recruiting agents to stay competitive in the market.

The job of an LIC agent is always superior to any other job in all manner. It is considered respectful, lucrative and the most convenient one in the industry. Even if you are engaged in any other business/occupation, you can become an LIC agent and add to your income prospects.

Besides, unlike other private jobs, there is no fear of suddenly losing the job as long as you want to do it. LIC is among the most established companies in India and has earned a reputation of being a good employer in the job market. The industry is growing at a rate of 14-15% every year and LIC agents are always there in demand.

Anyone who loves to meet new people and talk with them can become a successful LIC agent as this is what this job involves. It is about explaining to people the use and benefits of buying an insurance policy and suggesting one depending upon their future obligations and present income potentials. The good part of the job is that you are not bound to a 9-5 job schedule. You are, rather, free to perform your duties as and when you or your potential customer feels comfortable to. You can decide your own working hours and work from home, office or any other place of convenience. Help of an expert/supervisor is always at hand for LIC agents in the form of Development Officers.


The first and foremost benefit of becoming an LIC agent is the liberty to choose your own working hours and even days. You can decide at what time you want to give to this of your jobs and do whatever you wish to in the remaining time. You can work for LIC either part-time or full-time or even during holidays and free hours of the week. There is no restriction of any fixed working schedule for an LIC agent. You can conveniently execute this job along with any other engagement or occupation you are in.

There is no other job which keeps paying you every time a premium is paid by the insured. Thus a policy once sold keeps paying you till its entire tenure and, in a way, secures the life of the insurance agent too. This works like a tree which once sown keeps paying repeatedly for life. Thus the more policy you sell the greater your income goes. There are some other benefits too:

  • Fixed emoluments attractive commission till the maturity of the policy ( ie. 35% of the premium in the first year of the Policy + 5% every year till the maturity of the Policy)
  • Club memberships with the multiple benefits viz. BM Club ZM Club, The Chairman’s Club, etc.
  • Interest free loan for all your needs.
  • Commission to nominee in case of death of the LIC agent.
  • Club memberships with multiple benefits viz.  BM Club, ZM Club, Galaxy Member, Corporate Club, The Chairman’s Club, etc.
  • Several performance incentives.
  • International recognition in the form of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • Retirement benefits including pension and gratuity.

Who can apply:

The company has no predefined restrictions for those willing to become an LIC agent. All it requires from the potential candidates is to fulfill the basic criteria and you are eligible to apply for the formal selection procedure for an LIC agent. You can be a fresher, a student, a housewife, a working or retired person, or just anyone.


The basic qualification required to become an LIC agent is 18+ years of age and education upto 10 class at least.

If you are living in Alwar or nearby locations such as Kishangarh, Mandawar, Rajgarh, Govindgarh, Kot Putli, Firozpur Jhirka, Baswa etc., you can apply here.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent