Recruitment of LIC Agents in Bhilwara

Bhilwara falls in the Mewar region of Rajasthan. The name has been derived from the words Bheel+Bada. It’s known for the textile industries here. There are more than 850 textile manufacturing units operational in the region. Bhilwara is well connected by all means of transport viz. Road, Rail and air. LIC is recruiting agents in Bhilwara and surrounding areas viz. Mandal, Gwalior, Chittorgarh, Agucha and Gulabpura.

This is a very promising job opportunity for those who are fond of meeting new people and willing to convert this of their hobbies into a profession. This is a lifetime opportunity for individuals who dream of making a strong career for the future. Candidates, after selection as an LIC agent, will be appointed in their own territories only. No need to migrate or move out of your hometown.


Insurance sector is growing very fast in the country. An analysis suggests the industry is expected to grow by 15% every year. Which ensures both job security and growth prospects for insurance agents. LIC has earned a very good repute in the insurance industry and has been successful in capturing a good market share too. LIC is the oldest and widely spread company in India which covers almost every corner of the country; including rural areas too. LIC attributes its success to the workmanship of its agents and is hiring new agents in the region to stay competitive in the market.

The job of an LIC agent is in no way inferior than any other job. It serves both good income prospects with a respected profession. Persons already involved in any other occupation can also opt to join an LIC agent either part-time or a full-time basis.

There is no restriction of working hours, days or any risk of losing a job. There is no limit of earning potential either. You can earn what you want just by adding to your efforts and reaching more and more people. Selling LIC policies to people is a thing of their own benefit and hence is something like offering welfare to the people.

Everyone is eligible to become an LIC agent. The potential candidate is expected to meet new people and help them choose a suitable insurance policy after assessing their capacity to pay a premium amount and their future needs which they can fulfill with the money received on maturity. Anyone, including those employed somewhere or self-occupied somewhere, can start working as an LIC agent in continuation of their existing occupation. There is no obligation to give up your current engagements to become an insurance advisor. You can divide your working hours per requirements, your occupations or your convenience and supplement your income with this additional source. You can work from home or an existing workplace without any restriction of any kind. There is no other job with so much flexibility and huge income potential in India.


There is a long list of unmatchable benefits that LIC offers to its agents. They include:

  • Freedom from fixed working hours
  • No restriction of other jobs.
  • Regular income for the entire tenure of policies sold.
  • Fixed emoluments attractive commission till the maturity of the policy ( ie. 35% of the premium in the first year of the Policy + 5% every year till the maturity of the Policy).
  • Club memberships with multiple benefits viz.  BM Club, ZM Club, Galaxy Member, Corporate Club, The Chairman’s Club, etc.
  • Interest free loan for all your needs.
  • Commission to nominee in case of death of the LIC agent.
  • Several performance incentives.
  • International recognition in the form of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • Retirement benefits including pension and gratuity.

Who can apply:

As suggested about almost everyone, who fulfills basic qualification criteria, is an eligible candidate for the post of an LIC agent. You can be a housewife, fresher, student, retired person or just anyone employed or engaged in any other occupation. You can apply online from where you are. A formal test will be organized by the company to assess the comprehensibility of the person and it’s done. You can start earning immediately. The more you work the more you earn.


The qualification criteria set by LIC for the recruitment of agents require the candidates to be 18+ years of age and have passed 10th class at least. There are no other requirements for making an application to the job of an LIC agent.

If you are a resident of Bhilwara and surrounding areas viz. Mandal, Gwalior, Chittorgarh, Agucha and Gulabpura, you can apply here for the post of an LIC agent. Just fill in the form given here and we will take care of further needful.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent