Recruitment of LIC Agents in Sri Ganganagar

Situated on the border of Punjab, on the border of India and Pakistan, the city is one of the well planned cities of India. The city is said to have adopted its plan from Paris. Economy of the city of Sri Ganganagar depends on agriculture.

Life Insurance Corporation of India has earned so much acknowledgement in India that people often refer to it as a synonym of insurance itself. The company is the oldest and most spread one insurance company in India which covers almost every nook and corner of the country. While many national and international players have entered the sector, LIC still enjoys an unbeatable vast network in rural India. LIC is selecting candidates for the post of LIC agents in Sri Ganganagar and its nearby locations such as Padampur, Abohar, Karanpura, Pilibanga, Fazilka, Hanumangarh, Raisinghnagar, Suratgarh and Malaut


Employment is always a stressed factor in India and people complain of unavailability of employment despite higher education they have received. However, where there is a will there's a way. LIC is the answer. The company has opened positions for one and all. Anyone willing to get a good job in the industry or earn some extra income in his/her spare time are welcome to this decent and dignified job option. Become an LIC agent and write your own success story the way many already have. Just check the list of successful LIC agents given here for an Idea whatnot you can achieve by working as an LIC agent in your area.

Every job seeker dreams of a good earning job but often education or experience play spoil sports in realizing this dream. Sometimes when we are unable to achieve what we want, we should try to revise the way we have been seeing it through. Chances are you would be able to get a better job with more benefits than ever without any competition. This is what job of an LIC agent is proving to be for many. Moreover, the fact is that LIC does not require you to be a highly educated or experienced one for your selection on the post of LIC agent in your city. But you must not mistake it as a low profile job, this rather is a reputable job with high earning potential and future security.

If you don’t already know what an LIC agent can earn in this job, just have a look at the fortune some of the successful LIC agents have made. The same has been listed here to give you an idea of the income prospect. Not only income, the job comes with multiple other benefits too which no other job profile can offer. For example it allows you to decide your own working hours. There is no restriction of typical nine to five office work. Rather you can work in morning, noon or evening hours depending upon the convenience of your customers or yourself.

The liberty to decide own working hours, and freedom of working from home has made this a good opportunity for many already engaged in some other job, business or profession and want to add to their income through some extra work. Other benefits are no restriction of upper age, education or experience which enable even fresher, students and retired persons to join in. It's equally open for differently abled persons too.

No prior work experience is required. LIC will provide complete job related training to selected candidates. A boon! Isn’t it?


Some more benefits that come along are:

  • Freedom from fixed working hours
  • No restriction of other jobs.
  • Regular income for the entire tenure of policies sold.
  • Fixed emoluments attractive commission till the maturity of the policy ( ie. 35% of the premium in the first year of the Policy + 5% every year till the maturity of the Policy).
  • Club memberships with multiple benefits viz.  BM Club, ZM Club, Galaxy Member, Corporate Club, The Chairman’s Club, etc.
  • Interest free loan for all your needs.
  • Commission to nominee in case of death of the LIC agent.
  • Several performance incentives.
  • International recognition in the form of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • Retirement benefits including pension and gratuity.

Who can apply:

Everyone who fulfills basic requirements of age and education is an eligible candidate. You can be a teacher, an accountant, a tax consultant, a lawyer, a sales person, a broker, a housewife; you can apply for the post of LIC agent here.


Anyone willing to apply for the post of an LIC agent should be 18+ years of age and 10th passed. There is no other requirement set out as essential by LIC.

LIC is calling candidates from Sri Ganganagar and its surrounding locations such as Padampur, Abohar, Karanpura, Pilibanga, Fazilka, Hanumangarh, Raisinghnagar, Suratgarh and Malout. If you are above 18 and 10th passed, you can apply here.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent