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Mr. Aaghosh Jain is a young energetic and dedicated LIC Development Officer working with Life Insurance Corporation of India for more than one and half decade. So far, he has trained more than 200 agents. Mr. Aaghosh Jain deserves kudos for developing such an energetic and highly motivated team of LIC Agents. He puts a lot of emphasis not only on the professional training for himself but his team of agents as well as he believes that knowledge is the key to success for an LIC Agent. His peers and team members always seek his guidance and motivation to face the new challenges of the industry. So if you are looking to become a successful LIC Agent in Jaipur, Mr. Aaghosh is the best LIC Development Officer to be contacted and under his guidance you can achieve huge success in your life.

Mission: To develop a community of professionally competent committed and financially independent insurance advisors in the city of Jaipur.

Vision: To become unrivaled industry leader in providing best insurance solutions through professionally trained Team of advisors and grooming the advisors in achieving international repute.

LIC of India or Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the top rated public sector enterprises in India. The company is among top few names in the insurance industry in the country. LIC is currently recruiting agents in Jaipur. Any person looking for a new job, an alternative job, an extra or part-time job can join LIC as an agent. Even those who are looking for a self-occupation where they can work without any pressure, on their own terms, can think of acquiring LIC agency and lead a content life. You can be your own boss. Insurance is the only sector where anyone can become an agent and start earning immediately


Employment opportunity in the city of Jaipur! LIC is inviting candidates to become its agents in Jaipur. LIC agency can prove to be the best source of income in your life. Responsibilities of an LIC agent is explaining people benefits of life insurance and helping them pick a right plan or scheme depending upon their income and future requirements such as house, children’s education, children’s marriage, regular pension after retirement etc. Things are quite easy to perform. It is hundred percent legal to persuade people to buy life insurance and it's for his/her own benefit.


Job of an LIC agent is a kind of social service in fact. You are helping people secure their future. In turn, LIC offers many attractive benefits to boost the morale of its agents. No fixed working hours, no age of retirement, no territorial restriction and no daily reporting necessities. LIC sets you free to decide your own working hours and expand your horizon per your convenience. Some of benefits that LIC offers are :-

  • Freedom from fixed working hours
  • No restriction of other jobs.
  • Regular income for the entire tenure of policies sold.
  • Fixed emoluments attractive commission till the maturity of the policy ( ie. 35% of the premium in the first year of the Policy + 5% every year till the maturity of the Policy).
  • Club memberships with multiple benefits viz.  BM Club, ZM Club, Galaxy Member, Corporate Club, The Chairman’s Club, etc.
  • Interest free loan for all your needs.
  • Commission to nominee in case of death of the LIC agent.
  • Several performance incentives.
  • International recognition in the form of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • Retirement benefits including pension and gratuity.

Who can apply:

Any resident of Jaipur possessing following eligibility can apply for the post of LIC agent. Even people residing in nearby locations viz. Bharatpur, Mathura, Chittorgarh, Gwalior, Bikaner and Udaipur is a potential candidate. Whether a fresher or an experienced one, whether a working executive or a retired person, anyone from any profession can join in LIC as an agent and supplement his/her earning with this new source of income.


Person willing to apply for the post of LIC agent should have completed his/her 18 years of age and possess a certificate of passing 10th class. These are the basic requirements to apply for the post of LIC agent in Jaipur.

If you think you can do it and make a bright career as an LIC agent or add to your incomes resources, just fill in the application form given here.


Frequently Asked Questions by Candidates willing to join LIC of India as Insurance Agent in Jaipur

How can I become an LIC agent in Jaipur?

Simply submit the form given above or call us at 9928313666 or 8005866944 to join LIC as an Agent in Jaipur for a rewarding career that gives handsome commission, royalty based income, gratuity, awards and recognition and many more. LIC offers very attractive emoluments and lucrative commission structure to the deserving candidates. There are many other performance based incentives for the promotion of candidates.

How much does an LIC agent earn?

There are many assumptions about the salary of LIC agents. Though an LIC agent does not get a fixed salary but he can earn more than a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer or any other professional. There are thousands of LIC agents who earn in lakhs per month. The statistical data suggest the average income of an LIC agent to be Rs.39,200/- to Rs.67,000/- per month. The figure varies depending upon the number of policies an agent sells and amount of premiums paid by the policy holders. Besides salary, an  LIC agent becomes eligible for several lucrative perks with the growth of his/her business. Some of the benefits include club membership, low/no interest loan, free insurance cover, gratuity and many more.

What is the minimum target for LIC agent?

The beauty of LIC Agent profile is that you yourself decide your target. You decide how much you want to earn per month or per annum. Once you decide your earning, calculate the total premium you need to generate on monthly basis to achieve your earning. For example, if you want to earn one lakh rupees a month, you need to sell insurance policies for 20,000/- premium. You can either sell one policy of 20,000 monthly premium or 4 policies of 5000/- each or 20 policies of 1000 each. This way you decide your own targets.

However, to survive your agency code, you need to do minimum 12 policies of any amount or 6 policies and 50,000/- premium or 1 Lakh premium in a year.

What is the commission of an LIC Agent?

Commission varies on various factors eg. Single premium policies give you 2% commission, regular policies upto 15 years PPT give you 28% commission and regular policies having 15+ year PPT gives you 35% commission. In the subsequent years, you get 7.5% commission in the second and third year, and from 4 th year onwards you get 5% commission till the policy premium term.

How can I apply online to become LIC Agent in Jaipur?

If you want to join LIC in Jaipur to earn a handsome income for life, submit the form given above or call us at 9928313666 or 8005866944. Candidates willing to become LIC Agent can apply online. Yes, now the process of LIC Agent Registration is available online. In fact the entire process of selection is conducted online only.

What is the Salary of an LIC Agent?

An LIC Agent does not get a fixed salary as such but he earn a handsome commission by way of commission on the insurance policies he sells. The commission is paid twice in a Month ie. On 1 st of every month and 16 th of every month. In the beginning, it may not come to as a salary but as you grow your career in insurance, you start getting the recurring commission for the policies you have done in the past. That way, you start getting a fixed remuneration every month which keeps growing as you generate more business month by month.

Is LIC agent a good career?

Like any other profession, LIC agency career also requires dedication, hard work, consistency, punctuality, customer service, achieving the targets, setting the new goals. Successful LIC agents of India earn in crores every year, to name few Mr. Bharat Parekh, Mr. Venkatesh Rao and many top agents of LIC of India earn in crores and have achieved a very good career as an LIC Agent.

Can I join LIC as part time agent in Jaipur?

Yes, if you are already working somewhere or a professional, you can join LIC as a part time agent. Initially, most people join LIC as a part time and gradually once their income gets stabilized you start it as a full time agent. It is completely your decision when to make it as a full time career. An accountant would keep his agency running on part time basis only. However, as an LIC agent when you start earning more than your full time job, you should quit that job and join LIC as full time agent.

Can a government employee become LIC Agent?

No, a government employee cannot become an LIC Agent, but if you want to earn a second income by joining LIC as an agent, you can take the agency code in your spouse name or any relative’s name.

Can a Chartered Accountant join LIC as an Agent?

Due to code of ethics, a Chartered Accountant cannot become an LIC Agent, but if he wants to earn a second income by joining LIC as an agent, he can take the agency code in his spouse or relative’s name.

Who are Development Officers and who will train me in Jaipur?

Development Officers in LIC are gazetted officers who not only train you but also act as a mentor in your career growth in LIC insurance. We assign you with top and experienced LIC Development Officer in Jaipur who have years of experience. They will groom you, train you and make you a successful LIC agent in Jaipur. They will always guide you and teach you on various methods to achieve various targets, club memberships, MDRT and other rewards and recognitions.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent