Recruitment of LIC Agents in Jhunjhunu

The district city Jhunjhunu is known for its textile and copper production. Also, many of its ancient structures are famous for the frescos inscribed on their walls. Jhunjhunu is well connected by rail and road while the nearest airport is Jaipur which is 180k.m. away from the city. LIC is recruiting agents in the city of Jhunjhunu and nearby towns namely Pilani, Khetri, Udaipur, Bagar, Makhar, Nua, Salampur, Badagaon, Lutu, Dumra, Sultana, Pathoda, Mandawa, Chirawa, Churi Jodhan, Gangiasir and Gangiasar.

LIC is among the top rated insurance companies in India. The company is known to be one of the most preferred employers in India. Despite its unprecedented growth in the recent past, the insurance sector is reckoned among the most underserved sectors in India and is expected to grow by 15-20% per annum. Therefore the sector serves as a good growth opportunity for individuals willing to make a career. Insurance sector works through agents all over the world and LIC has got the most vast spread network in India. The company is still expanding its approach to the end users by recruiting agents in both newer and existing territories.


Almost everyone is willing to join a good job with a secure future. Parents spend Lakhs of rupees on studies of their children only in anticipation of a good job ahead. But people often fail, due to unavailability of information, to know that there is a very competitive job option available in the form of an LIC agent. This is the job which is no lesser than any other job in terms of emoluments, perks or other advantages. Moreover this job sets candidates free to decide their own working hours. It allows individuals to work as an LIC agent along with other existing or future jobs or occupations. Therefore it can also be adopted as an additional source of income.

If you are wondering what an LIC agent can earn from his job by virtue of his/her true workmanship, you may just have a look at the details of some of the successful LIC agents given here. You will be surprised to see that LIC is not at all any inferior job option than any other job in the industry. Besides the liberty to choose own working hours and no restriction of giving up any existing work or job is another big advantage that LIC offers to its agents.

You do not need to acquire higher studies to become an LIC agent. There is no restriction of such kind for the post of an LIC agent. Any 10th passed candidate can apply for the post. It doesn’t mean that one with higher education cannot apply, anyone with education upto 10th or above is an eligible candidate.

Prior work experience is the biggest hurdle in any other private sector job today which discourages fresher and inexperienced persons from acquiring a potentially earning job in any industry but LIC has no such restriction. Even fresher or inexperienced persons can apply for the job of an LIC agent and the company bears the cost of training you or the job. LIC provides complete job related training and even in-field assistance to its agents.


An LIC agent is eligible to receive following benefits:

  • Freedom from fixed working hours
  • No restriction of other jobs.
  • Regular income for the entire tenure of policies sold.
  • Fixed emoluments attractive commission till the maturity of the policy ( ie. 35% of the premium in the first year of the Policy + 5% every year till the maturity of the Policy).
  • Club memberships with multiple benefits viz.  BM Club, ZM Club, Galaxy Member, Corporate Club, The Chairman’s Club, etc.
  • Interest free loan for all your needs.
  • Commission to nominee in case of death of the LIC agent.
  • Several performance incentives.
  • International recognition in the form of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)
  • Retirement benefits including pension and gratuity.

Who can apply:

LIC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate among individuals on the basis of cast, creed or education. The company allows even fresher or inexperienced persons to apply for the post. This goes to say that anyone including students, housewives, retired persons or existing professionals such as teacher, accountant, tax consultant, lawyer, a shopkeeper etc. are equally potential candidates to become an LIC agent.


LIC has set out only two conditions for prospective candidates one is age which should be 18 or above on the date of application and second education i.e. the candidate should be 10th passed at least. There is no other job which can recruit candidates with such minimal requirements.

We invite candidates from Jhunjhunu and nearby towns namely Pilani, Khetri, Udaipur, Bagar, Makhar, Nua, Salampur, Badagaon, Lutu, Dumra, Sultana, Pathoda, Mandawa, Chirawa, Churi Jodhan, Gangiasir and Gangiasar to apply for the post of LIC agent here. Just fill in the form here and we would

If you are living or working in Jalore or any of its adjacent towns viz. Jhalrapatan, Suket, Ramganj Mandi, Udpura, Khanpur, Chechat, Sunel, and Bakani etc. feel free to apply here for the post of an LIC agent.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent