LIC Agent Job Profile

Job of an LIC agent is quite easy for a person who loves and enjoys meeting people and exploring possibilities. It offers a new and more rewarding challenge everyday than that yesterday. It’s a sales job indeed but , still, it's different from being a mere sales job. Difference lies in the maxim ‘‘Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation’. Here an agent has to request or ask someone to buy insurance for his/her own betterment and not sell something for their own profit. This difference makes the job of an LIC agent something greater and better to achieve.


First and foremost part of the job is to identify potential customers or proposers who can be anyone in good physical and financial health. People often do not think or plan of buying an insurance policy for themselves on their own as it’s not always their priority. Thus it’s the job of the LIC agent to inform the potential customer about risk covers, savings, returns and other benefits that the insurance policy comes with.  Thus meeting more and more new people and identifying and exploring a new customer in them is the part of the job of an LIC agent.


LIC offers multiple options to plan for future viz. risk cover, retirement solution, child education, daughter marriage and tax planning. LIC does sell policies online but people often want to talk with someone and get their questions answered before buying an insurance policy. This is where LIC agents come into the picture. S/he has to meet the customer, answer his/her questions and convince him/her to buy a suitable plan.


LIC needs to ascertain certain parameters before selling a policy to an individual. LIC agents have to assist in this task as well. They conduct inquiries about heaths, habits , history, present occupation and other details of the proposer and furnish the same to the DO for further needful.


Insurance is often a long term affair and agents have to stay in contact with policyholders during their entire tenure almost. It can be anything from one year to 30 years.  Therefore LIC agents have to also remind their customers of upcoming premiums before they get due and they may even have to collect the same from customers and deposit in their respective accounts with the company before they get overdue. They also need to assist customers in revival of policy, address change, change of nominee, surrender of policy, Loan etc.

LIC agent’s good behavior with existing customers helps him/her very much in acquiring new ones.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent