LIC of India is recruiting LIC Agents in Narayangaon, Maharashtra

Life Insurance Corporation has its network in all parts of India. But, probably, not many of the jobseekers are unaware about the employment opportunities it creates every year. It is the largest public sector undertaking with employee strength of 11.93 lakhs. Remuneration and facilities that LIC of India offers to its candidates are at part in the industry. If you are looking for employment or an additional source of Income in Narayangaon, Maharashtra or in any of the nearby towns viz. Gunjalwadi, Yedgaon, Bhorwadi, Pimpalgaon T.narayangaon and Manjarwadi, you are at the right place. You can build a better career by becoming an LIC agent in your area. You may like to know the benefits of joining the LIC of India. Besides a fixed salary, you also earn a predetermined percentage of commission paid by the insured person as premium for the amount percentage. As and when he pays his premium, you get your percentage of commission which yields a lifelong income for you. Subsequently, you get commission without even doing anything

Advantages of Becoming LIC Agent

You are a self-employed entrepreneur without having to work for fixed hours of time at any fixed place, a fixed remuneration is paid to meet your current financial requirement and a variable amount is paid to meet the future needs.


Part of a prestigious team makes you eligible for membership of different clubs such as BM Club, ZM Cub, Galxy Cub and Million Dollar Round Table Club. Besides financial benefits, membership to these clubs provides you recognition in the society. You can get and edge over your competitors.

How to Become an LIC Agent?

In case you are interested to join the LIC as an agent, you must be above 18 years of age and must have passed the Class X examination from a recognized board. If you do fulfill these basic requirements, you can fill in the form attached. You should also keep the following documents ready for further needful. They include a certified mark sheet of class X examination, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and a valid Driving License, We will forward our recommendation to concerned officers who, after due scrutiny, would arrange for pre-examination test and pre-appointment test. The Insurance Regulatory and Development authority conducts examinations to make individuals eligible for the post of insurance agent. Training and remuneration is provided by the LIC Agent. The Development Officer (DO) controls the LIC agent at the ground level.

Additional Income to Your Current Portfolio

Once you get through the examination successfully, you will be given an appointment letter and ID card declaring you as an authorized insurance agent of the company. After due calculation, your share of commission to the premium will be credited It is mostly found that people don’t join LIC of India mainly because of their ignorance on the formalities for appointment and the remuneration and facilities provided. If you are also unaware of the fortune you can make by becoming a successful LIC agent, you should go through the list of some of the successful LIC agents given here. You will be surprised to know that no other job perhaps, could have paid so much to them. Once they are convinced of the advantageous terms of the LIC of India, they definitely prefer to join this prestigious occasion and enjoy a change lifestyle with better income and better social status.

Become an LIC Agent. Join LIC now. Apply here!

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent