Recruitment of LIC Agents in Patna

The capital city of Bihar, Patna situated on the bank of river Ganges. The city has been reckoned second by the World Bank in terms of ease of starting a business. The city is mainly an agriculture based economy. Unemployment is one of the major problems of the city.

LIC, the pioneer of insurance services in India, is the largest govt. sponsored life insurance service provider company in India. LIC has always been increasing its agents network by recruiting new LIC agents all over the country regularly. LIC is currently recruiting agents in Patna and nearby cities viz Sonpur, Hajipur, Maner, Bhihta, Bikram, Lalganj, Maker, Ara and Panwar. The job seekers in and around the city of Patna can express their interest in the job by filling in the form given here and we will get back to you with the detailed procedure of selection for the post of LIC agents in Patna.


It is not always an easy proportion to be able to earn a handsome living from every job you do. Besides, some jobs with fixed emoluments hardly leave you with any time to think of anything else to improve your income prospects. You just end up making a run between job and home in the vicious 9to5 schedule. You might be wondering if there would be a job where there is no compulsion of running the rut of 9to5, where there is no bullying of the boss, where there is always time for your own stuff when you need it, and so on with uncompromised income potential. If yes, then the job of LIC agent can fit in your aspirations.

The job of an LIC agent is not bound between 9to5 circle but you are free to decide your own working hours. There is no territorial restriction either, you can execute your duties wherever you are without any bar. You can spare as much free time for yourself as you may want and of course without worrying about the pricking boss. You can work the way it pleases you.

The job profile is also very easy which anyone can handle easily. You only have to meet new people and explain to them the need of insurance in their life and help them choose a plan. Your income starts as soon as you get the first premium paid and continues till the end of the policy tenure. Thus the job of an LIC agent can be an earn-with-ease type of job for you.


As it has been suggested above, LIC sets you free to decide your own working hours and deliver duties from wherever you are. You keep earning commission every time whenever any of your policy-holders pays a premium. As LIC plans often last for years, so does your income. The biggest benefit that the job of an LIC agent offers is liberty to continue your existing or future occupation without any compromise. Yes! You can fulfill responsibilities of an LIC agent without giving up your other engagements ever. Some more benefits that LIC offers to all its agency holders are:

  • Fix emolument + Attractive commission for long-term i.e. 35% of the premium in the first year of the policy + 5% every year till the maturity of the policy.
  • Several performance incentives.
  • Interest free loan for all your needs.
  • Commission to nominee in case of death of the LIC agent.
  • Retirement benefits including pension and gratuity.
  • Club memberships with multiple benefits viz.  BM Club, ZM Club, Galaxy Member, Corporate Club, The Chairman’s Club, etc.
  • International recognition in the form of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

Who can apply:

Anyone above 18+ years of age and higher secondary pass can apply for the post of LIC agent. Any person, male or female, engaged in any occupation viz. service, business, profession, trading, practice or study, can become an LIC agent.

  • Self-employed
  • College students
  • House wives,
  • Tax Practitioner
  • Sales/Marketing Professionals,
  • Brokers
  • Teachers
  • Bankers/Loan Providers
  • Accountants/Chartered Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Businessmen
  • Retired person


LIC has set very minimal requirements for the selection of LIC agents. Any one above 18+ and possessing a certificate of passing 10th class is a prospective candidate.

If you possess said qualification and are living in Patna or nearby towns such as Sonpur, Hajipur, Maner, Bhihta, Bikram, Lalganj, Maker, Ara and Panwar Just fill in the form given here and we will get back to you.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent