Join LIC as Insurance Agent in Satara, Maharashtra

If you are residing in Satara City in Maharashtra, you are privileged to be amidst a natural as well as a historical place. Historically, during the sixteenth century it was the seat of the Chatrapati Shahu I, The King of Maratha Empire. Naturally, it is situated near the confluence of the river Krishna and its tributary the Venna. It has its further recognition because of the 7 forts near the city. To add to all these, it is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site as the Kaas Plateau transforms into a WildFlower Wonderland.

With all these significant features about Satara, it may sound odd to listen that some privileged people get company even after their death. Yes! It’s a fact and such an unusual company is given by the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC of India). It is a Government of India-owned Insurance and Investment company. It has its headquarter in Maharashtra and has about 1.15 lakh employees in 2020. Besides the regular employees, LIC of India recruits agents for carrying out its insurance business.

Insurance is a sum assured to be paid for the happening or not happening of a particular agreed event during an agreed period. For getting this benefit, an agreed amount, known as a premium, has to be paid at an agreed periodicity; such as monthly, quarterly, and annually or one-time payment. An LIC agent gets variable slabs of commission on premiums paid by the person insured. Usually, the percentage of first commission is higher. As and when, the insured person pays the commission to the LIC of India; your account is automatically credited with the commission due to you.

In order to cope up with the increased demand for increased life coverage and changed life style, the Satara Division of LIC of India has taken up initiative for recruiting LIC agents for the division from the city and its nearby places viz. Rahimatpur Wai, Panchgani, Umbraj, Aundh, Mahabaleshwar and Nagaon. You may read the following if you intend to join as an LIC Agent

Basic Qualification :

Earlier, a minimum pass of Class XII was required. This has been relaxed now. You must have passed Class X conducted by any recognized education board and you must be above the age of eighteen years. No prior experience or professional qualification is required.


You have neither any binding working hours, nor the constraints of working place. You can work from anywhere at any place and at your ease and comfort. You have no target to achieve. Rather, you can work part-time in addition to your present assignment and add a little to your present income.

How to Be an LIC Agent:

If you meet with the minimum qualification, just go through the prescribed application form provided below. We will recommend your application to the accredited Development Officer (DO) of your area, who after scrutinizing your application, will communicate to you further requirements if any

In the meanwhile, keep the following documents ready for submission

  • Certified copy of Mark sheet of Class X.
  • Passport-size photograph 6 numbers.
  • Voter ID Card.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Valid Driving License

The Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA) conducts online tests (MCQ) and if you score the qualifying marks, you are sent for an IRDA training program that usually covers a month. After you come out of the training, you will be given an LIC Agent certificate by the Divisional Officer, Satara and the DO will help you in convincing the prospects and getting business


Remuneration is at par in the industry. You get a fixed emolument to meet your current requirement and variable commissions based on the business arranged by you.


To encourage healthy competition among LIC agents, the LIC of India offers the following performance-based rewards.

  • Club Membership, associated with variable benefits (Based on Business arranged in terms of total insured amount)
    • Branch Manager (BM) Club
    • Zonal Manager (ZM) Club
    • Corporate Club
    • The Chairman’s Club
    • Galaxy Member
    • Corporate Club
  • Interest-free personal loans.
  • Multiple performance-based financial and non-financial incentives.
  • Commission to nominee in the event of demise of the LIC agent.
  • International recognition titled MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table)
  • Pension and gratuity as retirement benefits.

Apply wherever and whatever you’re:

You can rejuvenate and add financially to your existing portfolio; a teacher, a lawyer, accountant, retired person or even an active housewife.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent