Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

MDRT is a culmination of top insurance agents from more than 500 leading insurance companies throughout the world. Formed in 1927, the club has got more than 72000 insurance and financial professionals of more than 70 countries as its members. MDRT is an international recognition of agents with excellent understanding, strict ethics and outstanding performance; awarded to those who have reached the highest sales of insurance products. Qualifications for MDRT include earning a certain amount in commission (other than bonus) or get a certain amount i.e. one million dollar paid as premium during the span of a calendar year.

MDRT was first established in the form of a trade association to discuss and decide over the best business practices for the industry and device plans to make insurance or risk-covering products attractive to the end-users.

Every year 4-5 most productive agents from almost every branch of LIC India win this recognition. An average annual income of an LIC MDRT member is approx. Rs.8.5 Lakh. The number of LIC agents making it to MDRT is growing every year. LIC topped among all the participating companies in terms of number of agents sent to MDRT in the year 2017.

The opportunity to participate in MDRT allows one to interact and learn tricks of the trade from other successful insurance agents from the world. The status of being an MDRT makes the personality of an agent more convincing and confident one. She/he earns special esteem among peers and even a bunch of benefits from the company itself.

MDRT works as a motivation to achieve more and stand out in a crowd. An MDRT has prospects to achieve higher cadre in the office and even earn better emoluments than counterparts.

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