Why Join LIC?

LIC of India or Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the leading and the oldest life insurance companies in India. LIC is a public sector corporation hence has got a dependable reliability hence LIC agents do not have to work hard to convince the proposer about security of their hard earned money. LIC has got a transparent remuneration and commission structure for agents or associates, which translates into peace of mind by avoiding unnecessary apprehensions about income. Besides attractive commissions, LIC also offers various performance based perks to reward extra work that LIC agents puts in. LIC allows you to run your agency alongside other businesses or professions. It also allows you to decide your own working hours. Some of the reasons why you should join LIC include:

Powerful Brand Support:

LIC is a renowned brand globally. The level of being an ‘LIC Agent’ doesn’t need any further introduction or explanation. People respect the job of an LIC agent and often greet the agent with courtesy. The proposer doesn’t have to bother about the best ROI, s/he has to just finalize an insurance plan and rest assured. They have faith in the company and its products and feel it like dealing with the company instead of an individual agent or agency.  

Products for all range of people:

LIC has got a wide range of plans to cover almost every cadre of people in India. It has got a plan for each and every future incident which one would like to save money for. It has got simple insurance plans, term assurance plans, equity linked plans, pension plans, health plans, and anything one might ask for. It makes the chances of selling an LIC policy to an individual easier for the agent.

Guarantee of The Government:

All the policies and plans of LIC, the benefits and bonuses thereon come with a guarantee of the Central Govt. of India. As per Section 37 of LIC ACT, 1956 the liabilities vested in policies or investment plans of LIC are borne by the Govt. of India from the first day of their sales to the date of their maturity.

The above assurances make acquisition an easier aspect for LIC agents. It’s a win-win profession for anyone willing to earn a handsome income. For any inquiry, just fill the form here and we will get in touch with you.

Benefits of Becoming LIC Agent